Over the last several years, we have developed a significant in-house drilling capacity, addressing a variety of surface and subsurface conditions. 

TSi Drilling Crew using a CME75 Drilling Rig and obtaining a SPT sample of soil.


in-house drilling rigs

TSi owns and operates four in-house drill rigs. With this drilling equipment and our experienced drill crews, we can handle various drilling needs for your  project.


TSi drilling team

  • OSHA 10-hour Construction Training
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • DOT drug and alcohol tested
  • Randomly drug tested by TSi. 

TSi master drillers

  • 100+  years of experience
  • OSHA 40-hour Hazwoper Training
  • CDL Class A driving licenses.

drilling services

TSi addresses a variety of surface and
subsurface conditions including:

  • Deep soil boring, rock coring, concrete boring
  • Rock coring in shale and limestone bedrock
  • Field logging and gINT logging
  • Karstic bedrock conditions
  • Barge drilling
  • Erailsafe badge
  • Installation of inclinometers and vibrating wire piezometers
  • CME, SIMCO and DIEDRICH drill rigs
  • Hollow stem auger drilling
  • Mud rotary drilling
  • Wireline rock coring
  • Pressure meter testing
  • Safely drilling in high traffic zones
  • Night drilling to reduce lane closures